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File upload returned response code: 404 on file course.xml on upload Posted 3 years ago by in Design-a-Course

An attempt to upload a course from Author results in an almost immediate error response of:

"File upload returned response code:  404 on file course.xml"

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3 years ago by Dave Smith (Staff Member)

In every instance where this problem has been reported and the person seeing the error has worked with us to find a solution, the solution was that the account URL entered into the "Upload Course" dialog was incorrect.

In the this screenshot image of the dialog, the company part of the Design-a-Course URL is underlined in Green. This value was assigned to your company when your Design-a-Course (DaC) account was created.

In the same image, the server part of the URL is underlined in Red. For most customers this will be "" - however, there are a few customers whose account runs on a different server. Click on the "Advanced..." button to change the server part of the URL.

For all customers, this complete URL is the same address that students type into their browser to visit the site and take their training. 

As always, our support team is here to help if you have any questions about how to fix this problem or the solution does not appear to fit your problem.

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